The "Could This Be You" Project

Could This Be You was created to promote awareness of and the prevention of relationship and breakup violence. What are the signs? Power and control in a relationship can be obvious or subtle. Subtle signs are not always apparent. Our community based social action project brings awareness to this problem through animation, the expressive arts and a dance/movement choir. Our goal is to provide education and support through community resources for high school and college students.


Could This Be You is a social justice interdisciplinary arts project, created collaboratively through:


Lesley University, Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences

Expressive Therapies Division (Dance/Movement Therapy)

- Dr. Nancy Beardall, BC-DMT, Project Coordinator

- Melissa Autry, Graduate Assistant, DMT, ’16

- Video, Mark Teiwes


Lesley University, College of Art and Design

Film, Animation, and Motion Media Department

- Catriona Baker, Director of Animation

- Vivien Dao, Assistant Student Animator, ‘17


Becker College

Interactive Game Design Department

- Curvin Huber, Lighting and Rendering Specialist

- Derrick Hoffend, Sound Engineer

This project is supported by the Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Foundation and Lesley University.
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